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Ideal for executives and team leads who want motivated teams and good collaboration

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Leadership Performance App - 3D LeaderPRO Leaders Lounge


Enriched with interactive elements

The interactive 3D Leaders Lounge offers the playful discovery of all leadership methods and enables anonymous exchange with other LeaderPRO users or meet and talk to present leadership performance coaches.


Leadership tools, methods, and hacks in one app

Numerous proven and new leadership performance methods are available 24/7. the The content is constantly being expanded. Including good practice examples of successful solutions from other Experts, Leaders and Managers!

Leadership Performance App - die Führungskräfte-Methoden 23/7 in der App

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Dr. Franz Reitbauer

Managing Director Lithos Natural GmbH
27 employees

Motivate and inspire people! The app helps me to make the potential of our teammebers visible and gives me the opportunity to concentrate on the strengths of our company.

Dr. Robert Herger und Mag. Markus Raml

Managing Director Raml und Partner GmbH, Tax Consultancy
78 employees

A great app that support us to find our own solutions to the challenges and situations in the company! Very helpful! 

Arno Kransteiner

Managing Director Kransteiner GmbH, Wels
57 employees

This app offers a great overview with many solutions! The initial workshop on optimal use was also very helpful and informative for our team! Since then, our cooperation and communication has reached the next level!

Leadership Performance App

For managers and team leads who want to be inspired to come up with new ideas and solutions.

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Leadership Performance App

The creative mind behind the app

The Upper Austrian entrepreneur Sabine Wölbl

With a doctorate in economics and many years of experience as an independent management consultant on the topics of employer branding, employer experience, knowledge management and leadership performance, she has been accompanying companies and executives for over 20 years.

She is a Certified Management Consultant, Certified Digital Consultant and Leadership Performance Coach.

As a sparring partner, I accompany companies to excellent and attractive employers and motivated employees!

Her motto: A new world of work needs new ways of working.
Her calling: Inspiring people, creating solutions, implementing ideas
Her mission: RETHINKING the world of work
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LeaderPRO Leadership Performance App?

The LeaderPRO Leadership Performance App offers the knowledge of experts in different fields summarized in a nutshell. These inspire you to find your own solutions or to achieve better results in challenging situations in everyday management.  

To what extent can it inspire managers to come up with new solutions?

The app offers a collection of proven and new practices (patterns) on leadership topics, leadership tasks and solutions that have already been successfully implemented in a wide variety of industries and areas.  This approach inspires your own solutions and approaches to solutions by combining different methods for your own area. 

What features does the LeaderPRO Leadership Performance App offer?

Access to a comprehensive methodological overview of leadership tasks, ideas, and best practice instructions
the PF-10 online personality analysis to identify strengths and potential for improvement in teams
Interactive, playful 3D learning elements in the Leaders Lounge
Regular updates with new tools and tips
as well as current job offers for executives in the PRO version

How can the Leadership Pattern Language in the app help leaders?

A „Leadership Pattern Language“ is a term used in management and organizational literature. It refers to a collection of best practices (patterns) that help leaders develop and implement effective leadership strategies.

Each „pattern“ in a „pattern language“ describes a specific problem that occurs in a specific context and suggests a solution that has been tested and proven effective in practice. The patterns are interconnected in such a way that they form a „language“ that can be used to analyze complex problems and design solutions.

What is the 5P model in the LeaderPRO Leadership Performance app?

The 5P model corresponds to the solution approach of the executives or leadership personalities. This allows them to select solutions according to the four categories of perspective, personality, process and potential. If the result meets the desired expectations, we speak of optimal leadership performance.

What are the benefits of the LeaderPROLeadership Performance App?

The LeaderPRO app is always and everywhere with you on your mobile phone.  It therefore offers 24/7 access to effective leadership methods, offers an interactive exchange with other managers and provides ongoing information about new tools.

In which industries can the LeaderPRO Leadership Performance App be used?

The app can be used equally for all executives in a wide variety of industries. It offers solutions that can be used individually according to the manager and the teams. 

Leadership Performance App Einstiegsfoto
How will the Leadership Performance App evolve in the future?

The tasks of managers are numerous. We are constantly expanding the solution methods and presenting them on the app. This means that they can be used in practice at any time. 

Our interactive 3D LeadersLounge is also constantly evolving! 

Are there any testimonials from executives using the AI Leadership Performance App?

Many managers have already become acquainted with the Leadership Performance Cards as part of personality training and management training courses.

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